Digital transformation in modern industries relies on a data-driven innovation process focusing on customer needs and operational excellence, but the driving factor that ties this all together is a solid, consistent connection.

For who?

All industries that seek digitalization

Across all industry focused markets that Kontron operates in, the susietec toolset is at the heart of what makes its solutions so effective. Providing holistic software and hardware solutions in combination with a deep expertise in digitalization ensure equipment suppliers and manufacturers can reap the benefits on offer.


The susietec toolset

The susietec toolset can be deployed, configured and adapted in an existing environment and can be the base for new processes when it comes to machines, devices or manufacturing operations. Helping to provide a mobile, secure and fail-proof IoT connection for all industries seeking digitalization.

Case study

Digitalising Customer Communication

Providing the organization with a suitable customer communication service brought significant competitive advantages for the manufacturer, leading to increased customer loyalty through an improved service.



Leading international dispenser supplier RAMPF Production Systems concluded that in order to provide the highest quality service possible, it would deploy the EquipmentCloud® digital service solution from Kontron. Since its introduction, more than 50% of the company’s excel lists have been replaced due to the EquipmentCloud® IoT service portal, and more than two-thirds of RAMPF customers are already actively using the service portal to communicate to the 100 plants installed worldwide. Providing the organization with a suitable IoT customer communication service reaped significant competitive advantages for the manufacturer, from increased customer loyalty through to improved service, to cross-functional time savings, and increases in revenue.

Why choose Kontron Group?

The essential IoT solution

Within the Industry 4.0 and IoT solution environment, Kontron aims to assist with its know-how of hundreds of scalable solutions to make the right steps for holistic digitalization. The susietec toolset provides an open and customizable integration approach, fitting requirements of different hardware and software applications.

Open and scalable integration approach

Full customization allows for an effective connectivity solution for any type of machinery, completely tailored to the organization’s needs.

Information and operational connectivity

The susietec toolset combines IT and OT solutions, covering all major aspects of the IoT market.

Extra security and network safety

A strong and secure network that can detect and block incoming cyber threats.