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Kontron is a fast-growing technology leader, well-placed to help businesses achieve their industrial transformation and digitalization goals.

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Hannes Niederhauser
CEO Kontron AG

Every day I look forward to experiencing Kontron technology in action on the way to the office, on business trips or while shopping. In the near future, I see our markets growing strongly in unison with smart homes, smart cars, smart factories, smart trains and myriad other intelligent machines.

My vision is that the Kontron Group will continue to rapidly expand its market position as a tech leader with industry-leading technologies and a growth strategy focused on smart IoT. More than 6,000 employees who are part of the global Kontron family are working on this vision around the clock.


Stable growth

With continuous profitable growth per annum in the last 10 years, Kontron Group is rapidly expanding into a leading multinational technology group. Kontron Group has strategically developed into a supplier of smart IoT solutions and professional IT services over the last decade. The company is listed on the SDAX® of the German Stock Exchange and is highly diversified. With more than 3,000 customers worldwide and long-lasting customer relationships, the company operates in many industries and has locations in 32 countries worldwide.


Our vision

We drive IoT innovations! Helping businesses achieve their industrial transformation and digitalization goals! Kontron Group continues its mission to enable IoT driven, secure applications across various industries. With our in-depth expertise in smart IoT solutions and professional IT services we combine what is needed for smart IoT solutions, with operational and information technologies. With our proprietary technologies, Kontron Group is the right partner to support and help you take advantage of the opportunities presented by advancing digitization.


Future-oriented technology

Kontron has its finger on the pulse of the booming Industrial IoT (IIoT) market in the connectivity sector and delivers pioneering solutions for 5G connectivity and time-sensitive networking (TSN). Kontron Group also offers its own powerful and highly flexible customizable IoT solution – the susietec toolset. Today, Kontron Group's solution offering addresses a wide range of vertical markets, including automation, transportation, medical technology,  telecommunications, and smart energy. Kontron Group offers an extensive range of products and solutions, and has unrivalled experience delivering a range of services.


Single-source provider of IoT solutions

With industry-leading expertise and outstanding technology know-how provided by more than 3,000 engineers, Kontron supports customers and business partners in the successful implementation of digitalization and industrial transformation projects based on an innovative product range. Kontron Group is a single-source provider of services ranging from product development and manufacturing through to implementation and operations.

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Kontron Group continues to grow exponentially and solidify its position in the ever-growing Industrial IoT sector. Kontron Group’s growth targets remain ambitious as the company aims to reach EUR 2 billion in revenues by 2025 as part of its  “Agenda 2025”. The 2021 published long-term “Vision 2030” foresees further organic and inorganic growth accompanied by further investments in future technologies to ensure Kontron can strengthen and expand its pioneering technology position.

Vision 2030

Furthermore the Vision 2030 includes Kontron Group’s mission to help businesses realize the full potential of digitalization and harness smart technologies. The drivers for this are the continuous expansion of its high-margin business, such as software capabilities, the development of a range of “IoT as a Service” (IoTaaS) packages operated with service level agreements, and the step-by-step expansion and intensification of service skills in the IT services segment towards IoT. As a result, Kontron will complete its transformation to a full-service IoT player and is on target to acheive EBITDA of more than 15% by 2030.

Also, Kontron Group remains determined in increasing brand awareness and building a strong brand internationally!

Corporate Governance

Kontron Group believes in open and transparent corporate communications and respects all of its shareholders’ varying interests. The company understands the importance of shareholder confidence and takes responsibility in all business decisions, appropriately handling any risks and promotes equality and diversity across the business. Kontron Group places renewed emphasis on responsible, sustainable and value-orientated corporate management.

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