Public Transport

Public transport has long required intelligent and reliable IoT services. This demand will continue to increase as climate targets encourage the shift of passenger transport as well as freight transport to rail transportation systems.

For who?

Public Transport

Kontron has many years of experience in implementing solutions for mission-critical networks and its extensive production range suits all modes of public transport and demonstrates its expertise in this vertical market.


Specialized public transport technology

Kontron can support its customers with its specialized rail computers that support passenger information systems and video streaming, network video surveillance and train management systems. Services offered include embedded computing for the rail sector, dedicated networks for train radio, embedded systems for the vehicle sector and ticketing solutions.

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Reliable even in emergencies

Kontron delivers industrial PCs for all-IP operating telecommunications solutions that are scalable from local systems to mission-critical communication solutions nationwide, that can be flexibly adapted to respective customer needs.


Customized Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computing platforms

To ensure that rail infrastructure functions optimally, Kontrons COTS computing platforms ensure critical safety and performance up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4.

  • Passengers can access data connectivity even on high-speed trains.
  • Delivers improved customer service by analyzing data from embedded sensors.
Why choose Kontron Group?

Public Transport specialists

Kontrons technology not only supports public transport staff with digital communications on the job in a secure and time-efficient manner, but also promotes a seamless service to passengers without technical disruptions.

Increase transport capacity and safety

Allowing trains to run at closer intervals, reducing delays and lowering costs across the rail network.

Reduced maintenance costs

Providing maintenance servers with real-time data.

Higher efficiency and connectivity

Passengers offered an efficient and seamless way to connect, share and receive data wirelessly.