Reliable even in emergencies

Telematix AG was able to provide enhanced safety for passengers in the Gotthard Base Tunnel in the event of an emergency, thanks to Kontron.

Customer: Swiss company Telematix, AG, based in Berne

The challenge

There is no such thing as absolute safety, which is why emergency facilities in large-scale operations such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel must ensure that, in the event of an emergency, train passengers are able to get out of the 57-kilometre-long tube unharmed. This is a task for the Swiss company Telematix AG, that specializes in communication solutions in the transport sector, to directly benefit infrastructure operators and blue-light organizations.

Kontron’s solution

The reliable, durable core of Telematix’s communication systems is the KISS 19” industrial PC solution from Kontron. Part of the NIS-R product platform, the all-internet protocol (IP) operational telecoms system is tailored to mission-critical communications, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the railway sector, as well as other infrastructure operators, such as emergency call centers.

The result

The architecture met the high security and availability requirements placed on many communication systems in these areas, and thanks to the modular NIS system structure and Kontron’s reliable industrial PC, Telematix’s dynamic solution, scalable from local systems to nationwide mission-critical communication solutions, is now flexibly adapting to the respective customer needs.