Kontron: Another design win of over EUR 50 million from a heavy machinery manufacturer – Design win volume increases to EUR 3.7 billion

  • Development contract for autonomous driving and operational computer platforms
  • Renowned customer in the heavy engineering sector
  • Total volume of EUR 50 million with deliveries starting in year 2025
  • Current design win volume increases to EUR 3.7 billion

Kontron AG, a leading global IoT technology company, continues to see high demand for IoT solutions. The company achieved another design win with revenues of around EUR 50 million. Starting in year 2025, Kontron will support a renowned customer from the heavy engineering sector with autonomous applications over several years.

Kontron will develop and provide autonomous driving and operating computer platforms for the customer that enable partially to fully autonomous vehicle functions for 24/7 operation. The solution offered meets demanding requirements, is extremely robust, achieves very high performance and works under extreme temperatures. In addition to the technical solution, the design win also includes long-term product support of up to 10 years from the Kontron engineering team, which can draw on extensive knowledge and experience of robust autonomous systems.

Kontron’s heavy equipment IoT solutions directly address the customer’s current and future challenges. Many large trucks and other vehicles operate in remote areas such as mines. For safety reasons, drivers must change every eight hours. Not only is shift work in such demanding environments very expensive, the lack of experienced and qualified drivers can even lead to unwanted downtime. Therefore, operators of heavy machinery are increasingly relying on automation technology to ensure continuous, reliable operation and increase efficiency.

The EvoTrac-S1901 system platform from Kontron will be used. It features the latest high-performance processor technique and is designed to meet future vehicle requirements in terms of artificial intelligence, deep learning with GPU and accelerator functions. Designed to accelerate the deployment of demanding heavy mobile equipment applications in agriculture and mining as well as trucking and in the construction business, the compact platform is unmatched in its flexibility.

For more information on EvoTRAC-S1901 please visit: EvoTRAC-S1901 | Kontron

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