Kontron announces two design wins in the field of energy management amounting to a total of EUR 25 million

Kontron is pleased to announce two design wins with combined lifetime revenues of approximately EUR 25 million, Kontron will support its customers with solutions in the field of energy management.

For the first design win, Kontron will supply control systems for gas-powered engines capable of generating up to 10 MW per machine. The generators ensure a reliable energy supply for critical infrastructure, including hospitals and police facilities. In the event of a main supply interruption, these generators automatically take over the energy provision. Revenues amount to around EUR 15 million over a five-year period.

The second design win comes from an existing long-term customer in the energy management area who will equip a second product line for Kontron technology. The leading company in the energy management industry manufactures automation components for industrial drive control applications. In this project, Kontron’s customized system control center handles up to 100 drives, each operating at a different and changing speed as needed. The solution prolongs the lifecycle of an existing application for approximately 3 to 5 years. Lifetime revenues amount to EUR 10 million, spanning over 5 years.

Kontron has extensive experience in delivering critical solutions to the energy sector. Many energy providers rely on Kontron’s solutions. In addition to guaranteed long-term availability Kontron offers long-term services and global technical support for the systems.

For more information on our smart energy solutions please visit: Energy | Kontron Embedded Computers

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