Smart Energy

As global energy consumption continues to grow; energy companies are striving to create a more sustainable energy market and reduce their carbon footprint. This highlights a critical need for safe and cost-effective energy solutions that offer increased reliability and efficiency.

For who?

Electric Power Industry Companies

We offer Smart Energy Solutions for Transmission and Distribution Grid Operators, Generation companies, Independent System Operators and Industrial enterprises.
Our innovative solutions and services bring additional reliability and efficiency value for classical Power Industry Companies and Consumers, as well as for new Prosumers and other participants of Energy Transition.


Digitalization, Control and Optimization

To overcome increased operational complexity and grid planning challenges the power system is facing currently, we offer smart metering systems, relay protection support systems and intelligent data integration platform enabling the control and optimization of electrical grid, generation and load conditions: reliability, efficiency, flexibility and others.


Kontron Smart Energy Solutions and Services

Why choose Kontron Smart Energy?

Providing smart energy solutions


Effective with no extra costs

Helping power companies and large industry consumers to prepare for the future of the smart energy grid by providing cost-effective, yet completely reliable connectivity for its customers.

Comprehensive approach to improve the overall efficiency

Proposing a wide range of solutions and services for the development, production, implementation and maintenance of advanced instruments and systems both as turnkey projects,individual solutions and tailored services of any level of complexity.