ESG – Kontron’s increased transparency rewarded by ESG rating agencies

Kontron managed to improve its Sustainalytics rating to 20.2 points. MSCI confirmed their “BBB” rating and Moody’s Analytics puts Kontron’s effort in environment and human rights at above industry averages.

The simplification of the group structure to increase transparency is making further progress. Since year-end 2021, the number of entities has been significantly reduced through mergers, sales, or liquidations to currently 44 entities, with further streamlining going forward. Exposure in the CIS region has been lowered from 7% by year-end 2021 to currently below 5%.

The ESG risk management assessment by Sustainalytics put Kontron’s ESG risk rating with 20.2 points close to other peers in the low-risk area. MSCI confirmed their ESG rating of “BBB” in 2023. Moody’s Analytics puts Kontron’s efforts in the areas of environment and human rights at above industry averages. Kontron is determined to continue its path of ESG improvements which includes promotion of its green products such as smart energy and high-speed train solutions as well as green initiatives within Kontron such as increased use of photovoltaic and electric cars.


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