Service2go (IT Services)

Kontron Group’s service2go suite ensured the Austrian Federal Railways, known as ÖBB, could keep its 4,500 train drivers updated with crew itinerates and timetable updates in real-time.

The challenge

Train drivers have to ensure safe and reliable operations at all times, and this includes adhering to precise timetables, punctual departures, as well as arrival times and most importantly, comprehensive safety for passengers. The Austrian Federal Railways, known as ÖBB, is the national railway provider of Austria, with millions of passengers using its services.

When adopting a digital solution, the biggest technical challenge ÖBB had to face was the very large volume of data that had to be synchronized quickly and reliably to tablets that now replace a large amount of paper that has been printed regularly in the past. Kontron Group has been chosen as partner for this mission-critical digitalization project.

Kontron’s solution

The paperless solution was designed based on Kontron Group’s service2go suite, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that also comprises of a solution for robust data transmission between servers and clients. During each timetable update, more than 4,500 train drivers receive crew itineraries with millions of data records including timetables or information on construction sites on their devices.

The result

The integration of service2go ensures that all data is transmitted securely over wireless network connections. Since the implementation of the solution, ÖBB has benefitted from a faster, easier and more efficient operating procedure with significantly reduced administrative costs, while also eliminating the need for millions of paper copies being printed.