Robots for everyone

Wandelbots chose Kontron to support its innovative robot programming platform and reach many industries in the industrial sector.

The challenge

The demand for automated machinery and for robotic solutions for the Smart Factory is increasing rapidly, and therefore efficient concepts have to be created to make this technology appealing for small and medium-sized enterprises as well. In many industrial applications robotics can truly optimize efficiency but programming this machinery is highly complex, expensive and time-consuming. In addition, there is a glaring shortage of skilled workers in this field. German company Wandelbots is addressing this, by offering an innovative and intuitive robot programming system that provides even non-programmers with the tools and knowledge to effectively program robots.

Kontron’s solution

Wandelbot’s robot teaching solution was developed specifically for the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and can be used cost-effectively and flexibly without in-depth specialist knowledge. This service was made possible by a robust core platform, the KBox B-series® provided by Kontron. This is a high-performance industrial PC that works with demanding applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), MES and machine learning, allowing for complex tasks and highly skilled programming works to run successfully.

The result

After an extensive test phase with different industrial PCs, Wandelbots made the decision for Kontron’s high-end, customizable KBox for the new robotics programming platform, and this resulted in an innovative solution that has enabled Wandelbots to reach a large number of users in different industries, specifically the industrial sector.