Connecting the unconnected

The Kontron Group company Iskratel implemented its fiber-optic solutions and delivered ultra-fast broadband access to more than 340,000 homes across rural areas in Slovenia and Croatia.

The challenge

Telecommunications has become a staple of everyday life, to keep people and devices connected at all times, wherever they are. Of course, there are many rural areas worldwide that do not have strong Wi-Fi connectivity, including significant areas of Eastern Europe. At a time when connections are becoming increasingly essential, a long-lasting solution is essential. For this purpose, Iskratel is already implementing leading 10G-PON solutions – the broadband access technology of the future with data rates of up to 10 Gbps for its global customers.

Kontron’s solution

Iskratel’s fiber-optic XGS-PON, G-PON SI3000 and Innbox ONT solutions came into use for the Rural Network project (RUNE). The RUNE project is financed by the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund (CEBF), which addresses the lack of broadband infrastructure in rural areas. In this three-year project, Kontron Group’s Iskratel equipped rural areas in Slovenia and Croatia with ultra-fast broadband access.

The result

By implementing this innovative broadband solution, more than 340,000 households in 210 municipalities are now connected, further promoting the development of these rural regions and improving cross-border communications. The RUNE project was awarded by the European Broadband Award 2019 as the best project in the prestigious category “Innovative models of financing, business and investment”, proving that Kontron Group’s fiber-optic solutions continue to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected.