Better insight for surgeons

Kontron helped surgeons in hospitals undertake endoscopic operations more accurately and improve the quality of patient care.

Customer: AKTORmed GmbH, Germany

The challenge

Medical technology is becoming increasingly more essential to the everyday operations of a hospital, particularly in surgery procedures. Furthermore, connectivity, security and data collection are at the forefront of medical advancements and can dramatically improve the treatment and quality of patient care. However, this stresses the importance of high-quality and functionality for any product of medical use and failing this can have serious consequences. Regensburg-based AKTORmed GmbH understand this and needed to find a reliable IoT solution provider to power its Robotic arm, the Soloassist II.

Kontron’s solution

AKTORmed chose Kontron to provide motherboard support to the Soloassist II, ensuring its strong functionality while supporting surgeons during minimally invasive procedures. This innovative technology involves a surgical camera which is guided by speech recognition during the operation. This is a significant improvement for the surgeon, but the underlying software places high demands on the hardware. S&T’s Mini-ITX Board E38 maintained good performance at all times, preventing any risk of overheating and system failure.

The result

Following prolonged use, the Kontron solution has offered full reliability in the clinical environment. Therefore it differs significantly from the large range of boards for consumer products and continues to outperform in the medical technology sector.