A smarter and more sustainable railway in the Czech Republic

Kontron Group company Kontron Transportation provided large-scale upgrades for the Czech Railway organization Správa železnic, which improved critical management, monitoring and maintenance processes.

The challenge

As a staple of everyday passenger travel, railways are undoubtedly one of the most important modes of transportation globally. Rail transport is critical national infrastructure, and it is paramount that the management processes in stations are the most efficient, sustainable, and time-effective.

The state organization “Správa železnic, státní organizace” is the operator of the national railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic. It wanted to increase the amount of rail passengers using its service and needed a reliable IoT solution provider to facilitate this. Amounting to more than EUR 60 million, Kontron Group company Kontron Transportation secured three major contracts with the state organization as a GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail) provider.

Kontron’s solution

The IoT solutions implemented by Kontron involve major enhancements to mission-critical rail transport systems for Správa železnic and incorporates monitoring systems that dynamically transform daily operations.

Comprehensive and remote, Kontron’s patented Smart Monitoring System technology provides the railway stations with significant upgrades, controlling all railway components and performing service maintenance. This includes upgrades to radio and frequency planning processes, configuration capabilities for crucial rail transmission, and railway dispatcher signals, enhancing the overall safety of passengers, by improving general functionality, capacity, and site management.

The result

By implementing Kontron’s smart transportation solution, more than 100 new GSM-R base sites were successfully integrated with the innovative IoT systems. As a result, operators are now able to utilize the smart monitoring systems to enhance daily processes for train time accuracy and improved productivity.

With all three projects set for completion by 2024, Správa železnic will be able to support its customers with a superior rail experience, due to Kontron’s cost-effective transportation solutions, designed to facilitate a smarter and more sustainable future.