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Hannes Niederhauser
CEO at Kontron


We are all used to being connected wherever we go. Whether in our cars or walking down the street or in our homes we have surrounded ourselves with devices that join us to other people, sources of information and entertainment. In my house alone we have over 300 registered IP addresses and yet there are only 4 of us living there! Whether we like it or not, the future is going to see us all become more connected, not less.

The biggest area of growth for connectivity will be in our places of work, not necessarily just in our homes. Currently, just 1% of available machines are connected to the Internet, but this is going to change and it is in the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that S&T Group sees the greatest opportunity for its continued growth.

For companies to take advantage of the benefits of connectivity in the IIoT sector, they must have a digitalization strategy in place. In 2018, a survey revealed that more than 70% of businesses questioned confirmed that they have a digital transformation strategy in place. While companies may have a strategy on paper, the challenge remains of how to bring this to life. This is where S&T Group is the right partner.

Framing our Vision 2030

Our vision allows businesses to realize their full potential. This is what we – especially via our company Kontron – have been doing for decades. We treat each of our customers according to their individual needs to find the best solutions for their businesses. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. Adopting a suitable IIoT solution can pave the way for innovation in line with a more sustainable, profitable, and efficient future. We have the vision to drive digitalization and transform your business for years to come.

Digitalization is crucial in improving business processes and ensuring workforces can operate in new ways. It is estimated that the digital transformation market will have a revenue forecast of $1,759.40 Billion by 2028 and this won’t slow down anytime soon. Digitalization significantly reduces operating costs, provides enhanced data insights and agility, and ensures that companies can keep pace with the competition by introducing and implementing new business models.

For machines to be connected in real-time, a fast and secure real-time network is vital. We specialize in providing the innovative solutions needed to cater to these modern demands. We have developed our long-term Vision 2030 as we continue to help businesses achieve their digitalization goals. Ideally positioned to help you thrive through your digital transformation, we are working as a partner for many different industry players across the globe.

Sustainably evolving

By utilizing a dynamic and secure IoT solution, constant connectivity is guaranteed. This can be achieved with our SUSiEtec toolset, that offers tailor-made solutions for various industries preparing for Industry 4.0. Enabling monitoring of all active device usage and providing the ability to turn off applications when they are not needed, we help businesses reduce energy wastage and carbon emissions. The environmental focus has shifted, as governments worldwide encourage more eco-

friendly processes. Our resolve in helping you on your quest in achieving greater sustainability combined with optimized operations remains unwavering.

As you undergo your transition to full digitalization, nothing is more evident than the need to invest in smart technologies to maximize sustainability and efficiency. S&T Group provides the vision for you to fully unlock the immense potential that digitalization promises. We see a much more connected industrial world. As we play our crucial role in the growth of IIoT, S&T Group can help you transition to a smarter world.

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