Delivering innovative and ground-breaking solutions for the healthcare sector

Bernhard Günthner
EVP IoT Software at Kontron


There is no denying that modern healthcare innovation has never been as critical as it is now. The global Coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown that skilled personnel remain at the heart of the healthcare sector. As health services cannot easily be scaled up, it is important to give these highly trained specialists the room to focus on their main tasks at hand and support them with smart technology to undertake life-saving work to the best of their ability.

S&T offers a wide portfolio enabling medical equipment suppliers to create and enable dedicated solutions for smart medical devices, empowered by powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and big data. There is a fundamental reason why many projects are not yet implemented: Devices leveraging these technologies need to be connected. Of course, this presents a host of security considerations in addition to how to maintain and service the equipment during the product lifecycle. Therefore, innovative devices can prove difficult to implement.

Our customers have a strong background in AI-based medical solutions, but they also need to take into consideration the type of technology they are deploying in order to effectively bring the solutions into the market. This is where S&T steps in, providing secure, customizable platforms that combine hardware and software for our customers.

We pave the way for Medical 4.0

In order to have effective medical grade technology work to its full potential, it has to be based on Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications, with an associated focus on networking and security. Instances of breakdowns, minimized capability or latency can be damaging, and potentially life-threatening in a hospital environment. Therefore, reliable medical technology is paramount.

Multi-national solution provider S&T Group understands this and has developed a wide array of embedded cloud-based applications tailor-made for medical manufacturers to enhance their innovative machinery. While medical devices focus on specific use-cases, the individual solutions have quite a lot in common, including security measures, and in-field updates for retrained AI-networks or service processes. For this, S&T offers device management solutions covering dedicated hardware and software with long term support. S&T Group’s solutions are designed specifically for increasing quality of care in busy hospitals and to significantly reduce costs.

S&T Group – powering medical innovations with SUSiEtec

S&T Group’s SUSiEtec toolset has various applications that directly support manufacturers on the path to Medical 4.0. It can be used as the interface between medical devices, applications and the cloud. While not only focusing on technical excellence, our solutions also address the needs of our customers and their consumers. Providing an improved, and faster service experience results in health care personnel having more time to focus on their patients. The solution allows hospitals to take a hybrid and scalable approach by combining the benefits of on-premise solutions with a cutting-edge and ground-breaking cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to the sophisticated SUSiEtec solution, medical devices can automatically call for a service technician before a defect even occurs. Even better, issues can be resolved by service technicians without deep technical knowledge to adjust devices for various local setups.

Additionally, S&T Group’s solution can help to maintain fast data processes in essential medical equipment, such as ultrasound machines or ventilators. For CTs and MRTs, the images are edge processed directly in these devices for immediate diagnosis. Therefore, the medical devices can detect and diagnose conditions faster, and process information and patient data accurately and diligently in demanding situations. This helps physicians make informed decisions and diagnose diseases, determine severity, and monitor patients seamlessly.

With the SUSiEtec toolset, medical innovations can operate at full capacity, paired with the reliability and flexibility to perform optimally in the most critical situations. S&T Group strives to support medical device manufacturers on the path of digitalization and continues to develop next generation solutions for the healthcare industry.

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